A Thank You for Tim

“Dear Madam,
Thanks for your professional and excellent works, this helped Tim spend a happy year in Irish School. His language also makes great progress, when he came to Cairo last year, he could only say a few simple words in English, but now he can understand clearly and he is able to express his own ideas. We are very proud of his improvement. Tim’s mother knitted shawls for you because she found that it was windy and cold when you met the kids in the winter morning outside. In addition, we present two traditional Chinese arts and crafts: Weifang kites model and combs with a beautiful image of ancient Chinese beauty. They are: Xi Shi in Spring and Autumn; Wang Zhaojun in Han Dynasty; Diao Chan in Three Kingdoms period; Yang Guifei in the Tang Dynasty.

Thanks Again and Best Regards,
Tim’s Parents”

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