Crèche / Nursery Curriculum
From 0 – 3 years we follow a government framework Birth to Three Matters introduced by DfES UK and from 3 – 5 years The Curriculum Guidance for the Foundation Stage (DfES), UK.
Birth to Three Matters
This is a framework to support children in their earliest years. Its looks at developing the “Whole Child approach which means that food, safety, hygiene are also included. It is organized into four broad based sections known as “Aspects.”

1). A strong child
2). A skilful communicator
3). A competent learner
4). A healthy child.
The Foundation Stage
A Curriculum Guidance for children from the age of 3 years until the end of reception year. It provides the structure for teaching within which children explore, experiment, plan and learn to make decisions for themselves, thus enabling them to learn, develop and make good progress.
The Foundation Stage covers 6 areas of learning.
1). Personal, social and emotional development
2). Communication, language and literacy
3). Mathematical development
4). Knowledge and understanding of the world
5). Physical development
6). Creative development.

We support this learning through a well-planned, well-organized, well-resourced environment together with purposeful activities that are fun, relevant and motivating for each child’s stage of development and facilitated by a staff who are flexible, knowledgeable and professional.
Foundation Stage Curriculum
Birth to Three Matters
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